The Administration Department includes the Town Manager, Town Clerk, and Deputy Town Clerk.

Town Manager
The Town Manager is the chief administrator of the Town and shall be responsible to the Town Council for administering all municipal affairs. These duties include directing and supervising all departments, offices, and agencies of the Town. The Town Manager is also the Budget Officer and is responsible for preparing and submitting the Annual Budget to the Town Council annually.

Town Clerk
 The Town Clerk is the keeper of the records, as well as the liaison between citizens and the Town Council. It is the responsibility of the Town Clerk to give notice of meetings of the Governing Board, prepare the official Minutes of all meetings, and all other duties as requested by the Town Council as required by General Statue.

Administrative Forms

  1. Administration

    Physical Address
    212 N Dyson Street
    Holly Ridge, NC 28445

    Mailing Address
    Town of Holly Ridge
    P.O. Box 145
    Holly Ridge, NC 28445

  2. Heather Reynolds

    Town Manager
    Phone: 910-329-7081 ext. 223

  3. Tracy Martin

    Deputy Town Clerk
    Phone: 910-329-7081 ext. 218